History of the Land.

People have called the Choccolocco Valley home for nearly 12,000 years. Such a long expanse of time is difficult to imagine so it might be helpful to think of this great expanse as different “periods” of time. The “Prehistoric Periods” include the “Paleoindian,” the “Archaic,” the “Woodland,” and the “Mississippi.” These were all intervals of time that passed before there were written records of the people that lived in the valley. They are known to us through their material culture which archaeologists excavate and attempt to interpret. Beginning with the Protohistoric “Shattering of the Mississippian World” we begin to catch glimpses in the written record of the inhabitants of the valley. By about A.D. 1730 we enter the Historic Period when the residents of the valley were ancestors of the modern-day “Muscogee (Creek) Nation.” In fact, the valley is named after the principal town of the Arbeka people who lived here until they were forcibly removed west of the Mississippi River. We refer to the years between A.D. 1840 and 1861 as the “Antebellum Period.” After the Civil War ended in 1865, the valley began to take on its modern-day appearance and we refer to this time as the “Industrialization and Urbanization Period.” Choccolocco Park features an interpretive trail that allows visitors to learn about all of these periods.